Motor and Household Insurance

We Offer:
Comprehensive Motor Insurance: This is the whole package. With comprehensive car insurance you can claim for the theft of your car, for any accidental damages, and even for damages that you accidentally cause to a third party’s property.
Homeowner’s insurance (also known as Buildings Insurance) protects you financially against loss or damage to the actual physical structure of your home – as well as to any permanent fittings in your house, including things like built-in cupboards, kitchen units, toilets and baths.
Home Contents Insurance includes:
  • Cover for loss or damage to household goods and personal possessions
  • Cover for loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, power surge, explosion, malicious damage, storms, bursting or over-flowing of geysers, equipment or pipes, break-in and theft
  • Cover for food that deteriorates because of a power failure or if your freezer breaks down
  • Cover for stolen washing and/or garden furniture
  • Cover in the event of you and/or your spouses’ death if caused by fire or break in at your home
  • Cover for your domestic employees’ or guests’ belongings (only if there is proof of damage caused by a break-in)
  • Liability as a householder
  • Tenant’s liability as a householder
  • Liability to domestic employees, if he/she is injured, or dies at your home while working
  • The option to increase your Householders Liability Cover (that includes Public, Tenants, and Domestic Liability) to R5million, R10million, or R20million
  • Automatically included Assist Benefits